040 - “Office Binome”

This is a Binome guy from Reboot. They were basically just extras. Extra pieces of data… I dont know. The concept of the show was very out there. I hear a reboot is on the way… could be good.
I imagine this office guy is a jerk, drinks lots of coffee, hates his job… basically what I assume any cubicle creature to be like.

Think he had glasses… lost them. Or is it a monocle?

Toy is by IRWIN. Came in a sweet 4pk with other binomes. I think I spent about $2 on it in a dollar store. Those were the days.


039 - “THINGcognito”

The Thing. Classic awesomeness right here folks. I’m pretty sure this is where the Turtles learned how to hide in the city unnoticed. Ben Grimm was a superb pilot when he was bombarded  w cosmic radiation and became the powerhouse known as The Thing! The Thing and the F4 were created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in 1961. 
Figure is another Minimate. Lots of nice original sculpting here. For the drawing I just threw in some Thing stuff, we all know hes a true NewYorker!


038 - “Boy of Silence”

Again a character I know nothing about! This dude is from Bioshock Infinite. Very cool looking character, to my understanding he attacks when you make too much noise near them? Figure is by NECA, great sculpt and paint job, could use some knee articulation but very nice regardless.
For some reason I thought of birds… so I drew some in there.


037 - “Savage”

The Savage Dragon!! Awesome character I know very little of, don’t know if hes the result of a mutation, or an alien or what… all I know is that hes pretty cool… and probably skips leg day.
Figure is by ToyBiz; Legendary Comic Book Heroes, basically a spin off of Marvel Legends featuring non-Marvel characters. everyone should own one of these! 

went with a kinda tattoo-ish design for the drawing.


036 - “Beta Ray Bill”

Beta Ray Bill, the horse-faced-alien Thor with a cooler hammer named Stomrbreaker. very awesome character, does not get enough love. Wonder if we will ever see him on the full screen.
figure is another Minimate, gotta love them.

not drawing related but Im just really pleased with this image i put together during breakfast.

not drawing related but Im just really pleased with this image i put together during breakfast.


035 - “Bizarro”

Bizarro is an odd, backwards version of Superman. i don’t exactly know the details of this crazy duplicate but i know i love him to the max. in Bizarro world bad is good….and its just crazy. he has fire breath and freezing eye powers… its just madness. figure is from Mattel’s DC Universe line, i recently acquired him through a friend; no clue why the colours on his limbs are off. 


034 - “Bleeding Edge”

Apparently I cannot draw something without including some kind of skull-esque design. Here is my take on Marvel Legend’s Bleeding Edge IronMan by Hasbro. The figure itself is pretty cool, not as cool as the actual armor design could have been but nice nonetheless. Once I started dropping some greys it just looked too WarMachine to not include/suggest added gear on shoulders etc.


033 - “Bendy Joker”

So I bought this bendy Joker the other day. Why? Bendy Joker!! Obviously something everyone needs in their lives. Unfortunately he is nowhere near as bendy as I would have liked… in the drawing I imagine him as a long, bendy, snake-ish character. Good times.


032 - “Raphael”

The toughest Turtle around town! The Turtle in the red with the sai, the one and only Raphael! I’m pretty sure Raph here is the most popular TMNT around. Why? Well he is basically Wolverine in a half-shell! Random figure, says 2002 on foot, don’t even know when I picked it up but I’m totally happy with the drawing that followed.